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president obama welcomes the team, don shula, and the running back are expected to attend. boy, oh, boy, are we happy for them. finally. >> i watched that team, believe it or not. quite little. i remember larry zunka. >> remember them not getting to the white house. >> i don't think anybody went to the white house in those days. president nixon had a lot of things on his mind at the moment. >> a little busy. well, widely accepted the sheep in new zealand outnumber the people living there. >> an amazing stat. a scene look this one isn't so strange. a guy and a camera, come across a large flock in the fee. take a listen. >> what do you want? when do you want it? [ sheep bleating ] >> you get the idea. you also get the idea why this is our "favorite story of the day." this goes on a while longer, the guy, getting the sheep support for candidates. the guy seems to get the least amount. >> the union picketing construction in a building. what do we want? more money? union workers now. >> trying to say more food now. >> more gas now. >> what i love they wait for him to ask the question before
may be quickly dissipating. president obama has directed the intelligence community to do everything possible to gain additional information about this suspected attack, but we don't know what the u.s. response would be. martha raddatz, abc news, cairo. >> the threat of more political violence hangs over egypt with muslim brotherhood calling for a day of protests. this follows the the release from prison of former president hosni mubarak. the 85-year-old is being held under house arrest at a hospital. here at home, hundreds rallied in front of the white house. demanding that president obama take action to protect egyptians. >> some frightening comments from outgoing fbi director robert muller about current threats faced by the u.s. in an interview with abc's pierre thomas, bombs on airplanes and terrorists using chemical weapons are most urgent threats. he talked about americans who have gone to syria to fight alongside the rebels there. >> you are concerned about what the, number one, associates, associations they will make. and secondly the expertise they will develop. and whether
spent? we went to ask a top obama administration official responsible for most of the spending. larry strickland. >> we asked for an interview, can we ask him a couple questions before the hearing? >> thank you. >> reporter: but after being grilled by members of congress -- [ indiscernible ] >> what have we got for $2.8 billion? >> reporter: strickland refused to stop. and defended the programs. >> happy, members of congress say they still can't get answers. they asked how much really was wasted? david kerley, abc new, washington. >>> crazy, right. >> man, how much was wasted? we don't know the answer. >> coming up-- the movie that made the president cry. >> alec baldwin's latest real life drama. why did he lose his cool this time? we have the details coming up in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ♪ skinny so skinny >> welcome into "the skinny," everyone. alec baldwin gets into it once again with a paparazzo. >> groundhog day. groundhog day with alec baldwin. walking the streets of new york, with his wife who just had their baby
. if president obama decides to take action against the assad regime he may be on his own. >> the british parliament voted against taking military action. it was a major defeat for prime minister david cameron who still believes syria deserves a tough response. cameron says he will respect the will of the parliament. >> now team of united nations chemical weapons experts is expected to leave syria tomorrow. they will be reporting back to the united nations security council with initial results of their investigation into whether syria used poison filled weapons on civilians earlier this month. >> despite the set backs, president obama is hoping to convince lawmakers syria must face some consequences. abc's jim avila has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: the president behind closed doors meeting with members of his national security team. and already labeled the unhappy warrior by "time" magazine. promising any military action will be limited and tailored. his spokesman emphasizing to a war weary american people the u.s. is not planning an all-out attack on syria or military at
. we begin with the crisis in syria. president obama says the syrian government was definitely behind the deadly chemical attacks on civilians. >> he says if the u.s. does decide to retaliate, the message will be clear and decisive. abc's marci gonzalez joins us now with all the details. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning, john and diana. american warships and cruise missiles are in position. but president obama says he is still weighing his options. >> i have not made a decision. >> reporter: president barack obama tells "pbs news hour" while no decision has been made on syria, there will be consequences for president bashar al assad's regime. the u.s. claims to have indisputable evidence that they are behind the chemical attack that killed hundreds of civilians. >> i have no interest in any kind of open-ended conflict in syria, but we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us that they're held accountable. >> reporter: the u.n. saying its inspectors have found evidence that some kind of subs
. an attorney for one of the men said the charges amounted to nothing more than a witch-hunt. >> president obama holding a news conference at the was today to address recent terror alert. the president plans to take question as but the threat that shut down nearly two dozen embassies and consulates. mostly in the middle east. last night, a threat prompted e vac waegs of u.s. diplomats from the pakistani city of lahore. >> president obama announced recipients of the highest civilian honor. former president bill clinton, oprah winfrey and gloria st tech einham. the group include athletes. scientists, musicians, astronaut sally ride and two others will receive the award posthumously. >>> nelson mandela received his medal of freedom in 2002. 95-year-old mandela in his third month of treatment in pretoria. abc's marci gonzalez is there. >> reporter: nelson mandela here in critical condition. his health said to be improving. he was admitted here to the medic clinic heart hospital since june 8. since then the gate jut side has been covered in posters, banners, card. wishing mandela a speedy recovery an
in 2007 with then presidential contenders, barack obama and hillary clinton. so far he has not ruled out a 2016 run. >> hanging out with grandma may be key to a sound mind. researchers at boston college say spending time with the grandparents is good for your mental health. when adults and grandparents have a strong emotional relationship. both have decreased symptoms of depression. strong relationships outside of the nuclear family were vital to staying mentally healthy. interesting. >> president obama is full vacation mode, week long visit to martha's vineyard. >> for president obama, vacation means golf. reporters allowed a rare shot of the president on the course. maybe the first duffer was feeling pressure. three putted the first hole. no word on the president's score. group took his time. he was on the course for five hours. was he wearing shorts. he was wearing shorts. surprised by that. >> people have a hard time at golf period. when you add cameras, or just one pool camera. >> positively. >> it's tough. >> recent jfk videos, of his swing. i think he has the best swing of any pre
reports. >> reporter: it is these scenes that may force president obama's hand. a suspected chemical weapons attack last wednesday on syrians, including women and children with a reported death toll ranging over 1,000. also, u.s. saber rattling may have spurred the syrian government off to a concession during a visit by the united nations disarmament chief angela cane. the assad regime agreed to let a u.n. team inspect the site of alleged attack. the white house says there is quote, very little doubt that a chemical weapon was used. president obama conferred with his national security team saturday to consider a military response. as u.s. warships in the mediterranean move closer to the syrian coast. some lawmakers are urging the president to use force. >> i hope the president will ask for authorization from congress to do something at surgical and proportional way. causes them to understand we are not going to put up with this kind of activity. >> defense secretary chuck hagel says the president is still making up his mind. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prep
, images and likenesses. the athletes never benefited from that usage. >> president and mrs. obama celebrated the president's birthday last night in d.c. they dined at a posh indian restaurant not too far from the white house. as soon as word got out a crowd gathered across street to get a glimpse of the power couple. later today the president hold a news conference. then the obama family travels to martha's vine yard for vacation. >> i've been to the restaurant. >> is it good? >> terrific. >> the president only takes the first lady to the best spots. >> i'm sure they enjoyed it. >> all eyes on new jersey for the mystery winners to come forward to claim the jackpot. a minnesota man who bought one of three tickets stepped up and got his share of $448 million prize. 45-year-old paul white, project engineer who said he has been waiting for this day his entire life. >> we went through them and sure enough they were right. i said i will have to call you back later. and i went whoo, ran around the office. >> divorced father of two of teenagers. he will take home $58 million after taxes.
happen in my lifetime. >> reporter: hamilton served every president, eisenhower to obama, working as the head store cooper what are items popular over the years? >> clinton loved, beef, hamburgers. 41 didn't like broccoli. broccoli could not be served at the white house. >> reporter: one of hamilton's proudest moments during one of the most painful period in american history. what was it like being a black man in the white house during the civil rights movement. >> it was very hard. promoting other people. >> reporter: hamilton gave the johnson white house an ultimatum on behalf of the black butler staff they wanted more pay or they wouldn't work at a state dinner. >> we are not going to work the state dinner. this is the only way we will get a raise two. days later. >> reporter: as one of the lead character in the butler, oprah winfrey was awed by their coura courage. >> the grace and nobility it took to do that. to hold your head up every day. i just have a greater sense of pride for those men and that time. >> reporter: a time hamilton says he will never forget. five decade of
family. see the obama's new, adorable puppy. >> america's favorite mini-commander-in-chief. landing a big scoop and pretty coveted kiss. all ahead in "the skinny." it's tuesday, august 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> good tuesday morning. we are going to begin this half hour with news of a significant arrest in egypt. spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood in police custody. >> this comes as the u.s. is considering its options in the region. abc's karen travers joining us from washington with more on this. karen? >> reporter: good morning, diana. good morning, john. secretary of defense chuck hagel admitted yesterday there isn't much the u.s. can do right now. this is up to the egyptian people. an uneasy calm in egypt, a break from the horrific violence last week. but a brazen daylight attack in the sinai peninsula. militants ambushed two buses carrying off duty police officers forced them to lie on the ground before they shot them 25 were killed. here in washington the obama administration is anxiously monitoring the s
reception for president obama that had nothing to do with the speech he was trying to give. why the woman heckled the president during an education event. >> also this morning. left behind. a cruise ship takes off after two passengers are forced to seek help in a turkish hospital. >> also we now know who the next "batman" will be. it might surprise you. it is friday, august 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> tgif. reena ninan filling in for diana. great to have you back. >> great to be here, john. haven't been back since cinco de mayo. >> maracas. sombreros on. no tequila, sorry. >> no serenade today? nothing? >> nothing. we will have fun. we'll get to the serious stuff. >> more serious news. we begin this half-hour with infernos across the american west. threatening thousands of homes. >> more than 50 wildfires this morning. the most serious one, a fire outside yosemite national park that has more than tripled in size. abc's neal karlinsky is on the front lines. >> reporter: at yosemite rose bed and breakfast built for the thousands who flock to yosemite's un
. >> here at home, it is back to work for president obama who wrapped up his summer vacation this weekend. mr. obama squeezed in a round of golf before flying with his family on "air force one" after their nine-day get away to martha's vineyard. he hold a meeting with regulators as he decides to who pick as next chairman of the federal reserve. >> meantime, the white house began installing solar panels on the first family residence. last week, the obama administration pledged in 2010 to put solar panels on the white house as a sign of the president's commitment to clean energy. not the first time the solar panels have been on the roof, of the white house. president jimmy carter had an array of them put up in the late '70s. president ronald reagan had them removed back in 1986. >> speaking of the white house, the executive mansion was the setting for hollywood's latest block buster "the butler." shot at the top, shot to the top of the weekend box office now -- not without controversy. a couple from silver spring, maryland, publicly took to twitter to complain about what they thought was ra
is america's biggest foreign policy head ache right now. president obama and his security team met yesterday to decide how to respond. >> abc's global affairs correspondent martha raddatz traveled to cairo for an exclusive interview with the man at center of the crisis there. >> he is one of the most powerful men in egypt right now, a civilian leader behind the military's brutal crackdown on its own people. >> no country will allow to have a paramilitary people taking to the streets, preventing simple inhabitants in the neighborhood not able to go out. >> reporter: they were killed for doing that. >> we didn't provoke it. we asked them to go freely. we started by throwing only tear gas and they answered back by firing. >> reporter: the result, more than 1,000 egyptians dead. most of them for protesting the military seizing power. you do not believe egyptian security forces used excessive force at all? >> i cannot say that all of the police are peaceful. of course, there are some exceptions. i cannot say 100%. but i am sure that by and large they try to abide. >> reporter: so no remorse for w
. it is not clear if that will be at home or the hospital kidding his frail health. >> the obama administration announcing a full review of all u.s. surveillance programs many controversial programs were brought to light by nsa leaker edward snowden. security experts and former white house officials will report findings and offercommen the year. the announcement a day after nsa declassified three court opinions and it proves how the agency reports its own errors and is rebuked for them. the army private who looekd documents to wikileaks has been handed the stiffest punishment ever for leaking government secrets to the media. a military judge, fort mead, maryland, sentencing bradley manning to 35 years in prison. the 25-year-old told lawyers this is a stage. manning's lawyers say he will be eligible for parole in seven years. >> another military courtroom at fort hood, army psychologist on trial for killing 13 in a shooting rampage rested without mounting a defense. major nidal hasan never denied opening fire on fellow soldiers. when asked by the judge how he weshd to pre seed, hasan acting as h
. >>> president obama meets with congressional leaders at the white house today to discuss the nsa surveillance programs. the agency is acknowledging the existence of a program that allows the u.s. to snoop on nearly everything an internet user does in realtime. >>> a man sleepwalking apparently had a bad dream at the same time and shot himself in the knee. the man says when he woke up the gun went off. no charges expected. those are some of our top stories on this thursday, august 1st. >> from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >>> that is one dangerous sleepwalker. >> yeah, if you're going to sleepwalk, lock up the gun. >> very good advice. >> thursday, throwback thursday. >> we've got good stuff going on throwback thursday. first, cars. >> talk all about cars and our first jalopies. >> pictures of them, too. >> yes, we do. >> that's all right. >> you got to start somewhere. >> you've got to start somewhere. >> i'm still driving one. >> you're not driving your first jalopy. >> no, a new jalopy. >> as long as it's not your first jalopy. we're good. all right.
sea are moving closer to syria, ready to act if president obama decides to strike against bashar al-assad's regime. u.n. chemical weapons inspectors traveled to the scene of a chemical gas attack where a interviewed survivors, doctors and collected samples. on the way off to the site the team was attacked by sniper fire. >> despite such dangerous circumstances -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the syrian government accuses rebels of firing at the u.n. team. opposition forces say a pro government militia was behind the attack. as the international community weighs options, the russians are warning that western military intervention would be a huge mistake. for his part, bashar al assad is saying a u.s. military attack would be, "failure." john, diana. >> all right, tahman, thank you. >> jitters here at home over a u.s. attack on syria have already started to have an effect on wall street. stocks reversed their gains in the final hour of trading yesterday closing below the 15,000 mark. experts warn the usual decreases in gas prices at this time year may not happen as tensions in syria
political tension between the u.s. and russia. president obama canceled a meeting with president putin which had been scheduled for next month. relations between the two countries had been going south for a while. russia's decision to grant asylum to nsa leaker snowden appeared to be the final straw. >> major issues were not teed up toing may progress on the level of a president to president summit. >> the russians responded by saying washington failed to develop relations with moscow on an equal base is. >> fed are again alerting local law enforcement across the country to be on the lookout for terror plots in the preplanning stages the message in a bulletin late last night. the fbi and department of homeland security also repeating that they're not aware of any specific threat on u.s. soil. >> syrians caught up in brutal civil war about to get more help from the united states. prident obama has announced an additional $195 million in humanitarian and food aid for the syrian people. that brings the total amount of u.s. aid to syria to more than $1 billion since the fighting began two years
. beasley, and sunny, the obama's pet add-on and like bo and others sunny is going to get talked about. there will be necessary dog puns made. puppy in chief. first dog. there will be flashbacks, fdr mocking republicans for making anner to of his dog. >> the statements but my dog. >> george bush and barney the scottish terrier he loved. his dad's springer spaniel, millie, and her mind for foreign policy. >> my dog millie knows more about foreign affairs than these two bozos. >> reporter: we will hear about harry truman said if you want a friend in washington get a dog. in general, white house canines have known their friendly and tame place. some have nudged at times to the wild side. >> hi, barney. >> bush s barney getting anoid at a reporter once. and the bull terrier once tore a piece off the french ambassador. lbj signing a meat inspection bill and up hops yukie. comeuppance for a president who hoisted his beagles like this. why do we care, sunny. you are the dog of a president now. and dogs make presidents more human. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> and they're just so cute.
embassies and consulates. in the middle east and north africa. president obama tells jay leno the threat is significant enough that every precaution is being taken. the president says americans should use common sense when traveling overseas. >> one thing i have tried to do as president is not overreact but make sure that as much as possible the american people understand that there are genuine risks out there. >> the u.s. has launched a series of drone strikes in yemen in an attempt to disrupt the plot. >> more victims of the fort hood attack are expected to take the stand today, coming within a few feet of the accuser, nidal hasan. made little effort to defend himself in the attack that claimed 13 lives. his opening statement only lasting about a minute. abc's ted oberg was there. >> reporter: it wasn't remorse or plea for forgiveness, not even close, but in his opening statement, nidal hasan, told the military jury the evidence will clearly show i am the shooter but added war is an ugly thing. there is death, destruction and devastation for both side. hasan was shot by a police office
obama condemned the government crackdown and the backlash. >> we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully. >> reporter: even so this angry crowd chanted "egypt's peace is dead." larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> all right, larry, thank you. here at home a wildfire in utah is still keeping nearly 300 families in limbo with no clear idea when they will be allowed back in their home. after 14 homes were destroyed, firefighters working in 90-degree heat started to make progress near the resort town of park city. but they say it is still touch and go the wind could shift at any time. >> it's been one of the hottest and wettest summers on record. it's not over yet not by a long shot. abc's ginger zee has the story of what could be headed for the southeast this weekend. >> reporter: soaked, again in the southeast. a stationary front dropping relentless rain from alabama to the carolinas. and we're watching a tropical low-pressure system near the yucatan peninsula. one path has it heading tow
it is "deeply concerned." but the white house has said that before. almost a year to the day. president obama warning syria about crossing a red line. >> we have communicated in no uncertain terms with every player in region that is a red line for us. >> reporter: but two months ago when the white house said the was convinced assad carried out a small-scale chemical attack, the red line seemed to blur. little was done in response. what is not debatable is the human toll. i want to show you some images -- thousands of families streaming out of syria, escaping the bloodshed. among them a child who will become the one millionth young syrian to flee. a sad milestone. martha raddatz, abc news, cairo. >>> and there are new worries in egypt this morning. now that former president hosni mubarak is state be released after two years. the 885-year-old former leader is to be held under house arrest. many fear his release and last week's government crackdown may signal a return to the old regime. >>> back here at home, some breaking news from san diego where bob filner reached tentative settlement with a
. the white house is furious threatening president obama may decline president putin's invitation to an upcoming summit at the kremlin. so much political intrigue on this one. >> i know. i know. no one really knows where snowden is. but obviously, he still fears for his safety. not exactly, it's good news for him, he gets out of the airport. there is a long road ahead for him to be a free person. >> a one-year temporary asylum. makes you wonder what is going to happen after a year. >> right. right. it's sort of a middle-of-the-road decision by putin. a lot of -- lot of repercussions there. >> to be continued. >>> the state department closing its embassies across the muslim world today. this -- excuse me, this sunday, and possibly longer over what it calls a specific threat. that threat supposedly targets one of our embassies on consulates in a muslim country. officials don't know which one. there hasn't been such a mass closing of embassies and consulates since first anniversary of 9/11. >>> back to russia and fears about gay athletes and supporters being arrested at the winter ol
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)